Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be certain you are fully insured as advertised?
At your request, a certificate of insurance can be provided and our insurance carrier will keep you updated as to all our policies and their current viability.

Are you fully bonded for driver dishonesty?
Yes. Although we carefully screen our personel and have never once had any such incident, our clients are bonded for $25,000 dollars per incident.

How long will it take for a driver to arrive at my location?
Our standard of service is 30 minutes or less anywhere in the greater Princeton area.

Does it cost extra to have a 30lb box delivered?
No. The delivery charge includes up to 50lbs at no extra charge. There is an extra charge for shipments in excess of 50lbs or for oversized packages.

How far away will you deliver?
Anywhere that we can drive. We have taken shipments as far as Buffalo, NY, Boston, MA and well down into Virginia. We can also arrange express packages to be flown to other cities.

Will I receive a telephone confirmation upon delivery?
You will receive a telephone confirmation or an e-mail confirmation, whichever you prefer, upon request. You may also set up your account to always be called or e-mailed upon delivery.

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